Track and High Performance Driving

We can provide complete track side support. From transportation to a full crew to maintain your Porsche race car. We have several packages that will fit your specific needs. We will do all the leg work allowing you to focus on one thing…WINNING!



NOLA Motorsports : “Call for Pricing”
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*fuel surcharge based on current fuel prices may be added



We try to service the events our customers most want to attend. Logistics such as these are complex and depend on the cost savings available through advanced planning. WE CANNOT ACCEPT CANCELLATIONS LESS THAN 15 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF THE EVENT. If a cancellation is made in less than 15 days, the customer will assume the costs of the event, i.e.: All transportation costs, time, and any monies extended by Smith Motorworks towards the event for that customer.

Trackside Support
We at Smith Motorworks, Inc. provide trackside support. We will have experienced and dedicated automotive technician(s) that will be on site for the duration of the event. Below is an outline of the costs for the drivers attending.

Materials, Parts & Supplies (Billed as used)
We supply it all unless you need special materials, in which case we ask that this becomes part of your vehicle spares kit.

Terms & Conditions of Trackside Support (We charge on a Per Diem basis)
We invoice crew accommodations, These costs are divided equally among customers attending an event. We invoice rental car costs, which are divided equally among customers attending an event. Travel time to and from an event for each technician is $50.00/Hr. shared between antendees. Per Diem trackside support per technician (based on a 8 hour day) is $500.00. Half days of four hours or less are billed at $250.00. These half days generally occur on arrival and setup days as well as departure days. Per Diem meal expense is $75.00 per day. Meal expense is $37.50 per half day. Customers share in all out-of-pocket expenses.

Trackside Help:
We have not found any equitable way to offer a use-us-when-you-need-us system. If we are the primary “caregiver” for your car, and you wish to crew it yourself, we are happy to offer advice when time is available, otherwise a the fee structure is as stated. This will occur only when our primary responsibilities to paid customers are behind us. At times,our plates are full and the time to help may not be available.

Ala Carte pricing:

Administrative fees:$100 per customer/per event

Shared Crew Member $75/day Basic Services: Set cold tire pressure, wheel torque, fuel car, clean windshield, fill cool box, check oil/water

Shared Crew Member $250/half day Includes: basic services, + chassis adjustments & radio/communication during session (if already set-up)

Shared Crew Member $400/day Includes: basic services, + chassis adjustments (if necessary) & radio/communication during session (if already set-up)

Tool(s) $50/day rental (flat fee)

Load/Unload Secure Car (your trailer) $75

New Track Tires-Cost + 10% + $135 mounting/road force balancing

Suspension Initial Set -Up $400 (pre-event)

Data Review $100 Each Session

Notes $50/Day Documentation of set-up and changes (logbook)

Brake Fluid Flush/Bleeding $175

$135/Hour Chassis Adjustment/Repair/Nut&Bolt Labor: (min 1 hr)

Car Door Number Decals $65

Storage: $200/Month Outdoor, $350/ Month Indoor Space at Smith Motorworks

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